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    Welcome to the official website of Qingdao Puren Instrument Co., Ltd
    Excellent quality and technological innovation
    Ion Chromatography Online ion chromatograph Portable ion chromatograph Atmospheric aerosol line detector IC Autosampler Accessories
    Products Classification
    Products Classification
    Multiple patented technologies

    At present, Qingdao Puren has obtained 12 authorized invention patents, 16 utility model patents, 3 design patents and 9 computer software copyrights.

    Good instrument made in China

    Through the evaluation of experts, field investigation and user's return visit, two products of PRN ion chromatograph and automatic sample injector have been selected as "good domestic instruments"

    Supporting unit of environmental protection technology and equipment

    "PM2.5 three channel on-line anion and heavy metal analyzer" and "water quality on-line automatic analyzer based on ion chromatography" were selected into the catalogue of major environmental protection technical equipment encouraged by the state.

    Contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises in Shandong Province

    Our products are of excellent quality and good reputation, and have been awarded "Qingdao" successively City contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises "and" Shandong Province contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises ".

    Famous trademark of Shandong Province

    Pu Ren pic series ion chromatograph is advanced in technology and perfect in service The brand is rated as "famous trademark of Shandong Province".

    Participate in drafting verification regulations

    Qingdao Puren Instrument Co., Ltd. participated in the drafting of the people's Republic of China as an enterprise National measurement and verification regulation of ion chromatography jjg823-2014

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